COVID safety guidelines to bear in mind

The following protocol has been prepared in line with the Government Guidelines which came into effect on 10/05/21 and Rowing Ireland Guidelines.
It is only with your co-operation that we can keep the rowing sessions safe and running.  Blu Angel would ask you to read the guidance set out below and please comply with the following (if you have any queries or concerns please contact Blu Angel).


May 2021



  • Do not attend any session if the crew member or any member of his/her immediate family have a cough, cold, fever or any symptoms that may indicate COVID 19.
  • Do not attend any session if the crew member or any member of his/her immediate family have been in contact with anyone who has, recently had or is suspected of having COVID 19.
  • Resumption of training is only allowed 14 days after COVID symptoms cease (including if a family member is the one affected).

Crews/ Pods

We will endeavour to keep the same pods/bubble for training as much as possible. Please help us with this by being available.

Arrival & Departure Time

  • Do not arrive too early to your session; only arrive on schedule. 
  • Remain in your own family bubble while waiting outside the gate. Keep 6 meters apart from any other family bubble waiting outside the gate.
  • Leave in a timely manner after the session is complete.
  • Do not wait on club grounds nor congregate outside the club gate.


  • We request that only one parent/nominated person arrive with the crew member.

Waiting during the session

  • The coach/volunteer will advise you of the estimated session time.
  • If there are a number of other pods going out rowing and total numbers are exceeding 15 on the slip or around the premises, perhaps go for a walk outside the Club; you could stand up on the bridge where you have a nice view of the river and will see your crew returning.
  • Have your mobile phone switched on in case you are required earlier.
  • If the Club grounds are quiet, wait down at the launch hut, maintaining appropriate social distance if there are more than one family group waiting.
  • Wear your mask if there is anyone else waiting.

Hand Sanitizing

Sanitize your hands using the supplied sanitiser at the sanitizing station on arrival.


  • Family members:
    • Wear your mask on the Club grounds when talking to any member of the coaching, volunteer, or other club members.
    • Wear your mask if talking to another crew member’s family.
  • Crew member:
    • Ensure the crew member wears his/her mask until seated in the boat.
    • Crew members are allowed to take their mask off while rowing, but must put masks back on when the boat is exited and when leaving the club grounds.
  • Cox: Cox facing the crew will wear a mask.
  • Coach/Volunteers:
    • Will wear face masks when within two meters of Crew and when on the club premises.
    • If there are two Coaches/volunteers (unless from the same household) on the launch masks must be worn.
    • Single launch occupancy does not require a face mask – must be worn on club premises.


  • The relevant parts of the equipment will be cleaned with detergent and water, before, between and after sessions.
  • Blu Angel may request parental assistance to complete this task.


  • It is important to note that the Club house is not open, nor the changing rooms.
  • The toilets can be used – but only two members are allowed in at any given time.

COVID 19 Officer

  • Tribesmen have appointed a COVID-19 Officer.
  • Sabrina O’Carroll is the designated COVID-19 contact person for BluAngel.