There’s strength in numbers (or How to Top the Honor Board in a Concept2 Rowing Challenge)

Did you know that the number nine, a cardinal number in numerology symbolically represents a culmination of wisdom and experience, and buzzes with the energy of both endings and new beginnings? And in Chinese culture, 9 is associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power.
In this year’s Concept2 Holiday Challenge, out of the 18 rowers on the Irish Adaptive Board, 9 energetic CrewBlu athletes powered their way up the honours board. While we had some new competitors on the crew, others brought their wisdom and experience from last year’s challenge and many personal bests in overall kms were achieved. Here in BluAngel we were certainly buzzing with pride to see how well the Crew did overall. They brought true dragon energy to end the old year and start the new with magic and power.

There are only two ways to make a dragon 

How are dragons made? One way would be with powerful dragon-making magic but the ingredients for this are hard to come by. The other is through dedicated training. CrewBlu athletes are committed to their training and collectively have participated in over 2,000 coached erg & water based training sessions. Each of the crew completed 3 coached sessions weekly, along with doing their own erg training sessions and water based sessions in between. Through focus on regular training, CrewBlu athletes grew in strength and technique. And that is the magic and power of this year’s CrewBlu athletes.

Do you want to be a dragon?

If you do, the time to start is now! While we begin our new Erging & Rowing Year with a salute to CrewBlu’s 9 dragons and to all the CrewBlu team, we hope they motivate and encourage any aspiring erg and rowing athletes who are not students of Hogwarts (!) to focus on their training. With regular and consistent training throughout the year, we all have the potential to become dragons: fit, healthy, strong and more than ready for the next challenge.

And the dragons are...