We are approaching that day again, the one where youth eagerly dreams for that first secret Valentine and age might remember love lost or missed opportunity. But you’re never too young or too old to fall in love. It may be a new passion you’ve found, or a rekindling of an old one; it may be an opportunity you’ve had before, or a whole brand new encounter… but however you’ve found it, held on to it or found it again, the important thing is to nurture it, don’t let it go!

The Feel Good factor

Finding a love for sport is a good thing. To quote Sade… if it feels right, feels fine and in the middle of this madness, [if you find that], hold on! The funny thing about love and exercise is that they both release endorphins*, that’s part of the feel good factor. That’s what we have done this last year here at CrewBlu. We have grabbed the opportunity of building our indoor rowing programme during the pandemic. Some of the crew are new to indoor rowing, some of us re- connecting but, regardless, we are rowing together and building our own unique rowing community where each one of us is important. Some of us it’s true may have a love-hate relationship with our ergs (and some of the fanatics among us may say ‘this is no ordinary love!’) but we all know the effort we put into training is worth it! We are better, fitter and stronger than we were this time last year and what’s more, we have had such fun along the way.

Let’s celebrate Erg love!

To mark this Valentine’s day, and building on how amazingly well CrewBlu did in the last challenge, you might like this nice short one to get us all back in the challenge frame of mind. The Concept 2 Valentine Challenge runs for 6 days from 9-14 of February. In the 6 days you need to row and log 14km.

You don’t have to do anything special to join – just row 14 km between the 9-14 – make sure you log your meters in your online log book during these dates and, before you know it, you’ll have your first challenge of 2021 done!

Strong Hearts

Here at Blu Angel we are inviting you to send a message to your special Valentine, that important person (or persons) in your life. Our card is to each of you, all the amazing athletes that make up CrewBlu. Thank you for the joy you brought to us here with your dedication, your perseverance, your uniqueness, your strength and your laughter! A bit like erging… you’ve made our hearts bigger and stronger.


*”Group exercise gives our endorphins an extra boost. Research in rowing found that rowers who worked as a team had an increased rush of feel-good hormones compared with those who rowed alone.” Sarah Kaido, Exercise and Endorphines, 2019 (reference:  Cohen, E E A, et al. (2009) at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2817271/)