Hello all! Happy January!

We hope you have all had a lovely holiday over the Christmas and you’ve enjoyed a restful New Year.

We would like to say…

a huge congratulations!

to all of you who participated in the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge that finished on Christmas Eve.

We were so amazed and awed by CrewBlu and our collective achievement. Out of the 15 rowers on the Irish Board (50km), 8 were CrewBlu! And the distances we achieved were simply amazing.  The collective distance we achieved was 1,995 km! That was just for the Holiday Challenge and would equate to rowing from Galway to Dublin 10 times!

CrewBlu is also doing very well when you look at the Affiliations Board: at end of January, we were no 14 out of 56 teams on that standings board. In terms of your commitment to training, since last May CrewBlu has participated in 800 training sessions. A lot to be proud of.

So a huge congratulations to you all for such amazing achievements.